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Updated: Nov 22, 2020

It's been a hot minute since we gave any kind of update and despite the global pandemic, we surprisingly have a lot to share!

I'd like to pretend as though thoughts of this blog have simply escaped me over the last few months, but in reality it's always been on my mind. We started this blog before leaving the UK as a way to keep in touch with friends and family back home, and keep everyone in the loop as to what we've been doing over here in Canada, but our updates keep slipping to the bottom of the priorities list and for that I apologise.

I've decided it's time to get back on track with blogging and maybe even write about some of our summer adventures. If anything, it'll provide some much needed nostalgia for warmer times now that the first snow has fallen on Calgary. Before I dive in however, here's a brief update on how Nikki and I have been faring during the pandemic, for those of you we haven't had a chance to tell yet.

The pandemic really started making an impact in our lives in mid March, when I lost my job. I was placed on a temporary leave for six weeks, but it's months later and I'm not predicted to return to the Calgary Stampede Foundation until January, and I'm not exaggerating when I say I'm counting down the days!

Although Nikki kept her job, we felt unsettled in the knowledge that the city had just come out of a recession and things were extremely volatile on the job front. Flights were being grounded worldwide, which put a tremendous strain on her industry and day to day job, and we prepared ourselves for the worst while I struggled with the prospect of being jobless in such a time of crisis.

Canada responded well to the pandemic by closing all borders indefinitely - to this day it's still difficult to get into the country without just cause and the international tourism trade shut down. Even the national parks closed themselves off to visitors, which meant we couldn't escape to the wilderness for a day of reprieve, for fear of outsiders spreading the virus and risking access to essential healthcare for people who lived within the park boundaries.

In May things finally started looking up as infection cases began to drop and we decided to get out of our first apartment and move into a new place. The parks reopened and suddenly things didn't seem quite so bleak anymore. For the most part, the summer has been filled with hikes in the Rockies and some great staycations within Alberta, with some great weather to boot.

March to October in a nutshell hasn't been anything that we had anticipated but as we submitted our application for permanent residency last week (eek!) we hope that we can make up the time over the next couple of years.

I promise there will be more content in the future but I felt a brief update was long overdue before we get down to business.

Thank you to anyone that's still subscribed despite my lack of motivation, you mean a lot to us.


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