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Take a left turn down 4th street and eventually you'll find yourself in Mission. Stretching from the Elbow River to the bustling vibe of 17th Avenue, Mission is one of those neighbourhoods that doesn't make a big deal about itself, but if you take the time to wander, there are some great places to be found, with an even greater selection of food (the only reason I go anywhere.)

It's always worth a stroll down 4th, but if you're pressed for time, here is a run down of our favourite places in Mission.

1. Shokunin

Voted one of the top 50 restaurants in Canada, Shokunin is atmospheric and bloody tasty. If you're a fan of cooking shows, we really recommend watching The Final Table. This international competition sets chefs from around the world against each other in teams, before selecting a final champion. I won't give any too many spoilers, but one of the contestants, Darren McLean, is a born and raised Calgarian, and in 2016 he opened Shokunin, a fresh take on exquisite Japanese cuisine in the heartland of Canada. We went for our anniversary dinner and it was so delicious we booked a table for my Dad's visit to Calgary in July. The food is always incredible and the servers are on hand to explain any of the complexities of the dishes with infinite knowledge. We recommend the Chicken Ass Yakitori and the Cold Shucked Scallop, as well as the Japanese Potato Salad, not something you'd typically expect but a much needed palate cleanser. Shokunin is just downright delicious.

*photos courtesy of Shokunin's Instagram page. Great restaurant....poor lighting for photos.

2. Seed & Salt

Having a go-to salad place in the city is always a good idea. Calgary has such a healthy vibe to it, probably from being in such close proximity to the mountains and the great outdoors, and Mission is definitely a healthy lifestyle haven. Walk down 4th Street on any given day and you'll be met by crowds of people in gym gear with yoga mats tucked under their arm. Seed & Salt is a welcome stop after a workout or on a sunny day when you're craving something light and nutritious. Their salad bowls are huge, with an incredible array of toppings to choose from, and they also have a varied smoothie and coffee bar. With a great breakfast menu on the cards too, this place is definitely worth visiting.


Tucked away at the end of 4th Street before you reach the Elbow River, you can find Wurst. This chic take on Bavarian cuisine has one of the prettiest restaurant interiors we've seen in Calgary. Although we have yet to try the food, it's a great spot to sit on the patio and enjoy a cocktail or two. Plus, they have trees growing in the middle of the building, which is pretty darn cool. I would recommend the Wallflower cocktail, perfect for the a summer's day.

If you're ever in Calgary and feeling the need to explore, I would recommend going on a mission to Mission (ending this post on a terrible pun, I know.)

More neighbourhood posts coming your way this summer!


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